The Duo

Dörte Nienstedt -- Anne Horstmann

In 1996 the musicans Dörte Nienstedt and Anne Horstmann founded a duo using instruments, which in the 20th century were thought of as "not combinable": NEUE FLOETENTOENE - contemporary music for recorders and flutes.

Since then a repertoire emerged in close cooperation with composers, picturing different trends of contemporary music making. Quite a lot of these works have been published, produced for broadcasting or recorded on CD.

The combination of their wide range of instruments provides the two musicans with a tonal range of six and a half octaves. In concerts about twenty different flute instruments from piccolo to the huge Subbassrecorder are brought into action. Among these are the more exotic Chinese 'dizi' and the Romanian 'nei'.

NEUE FLÖTENTÖNE have performed in France, in Ireland, the Ukraine (Festival "two days & nights of new music" in Odessa), in Romania (guest lectures at the University of Bukarest) and in the Netherlands.
In Germany the duo has been part of different festivals for contemporary music or flute music (e.g. ERTA Congress, Floetenfestival Frankfurt, Internationale Komponistinnentage Hoege, Konzertzyklus Neue Musik Museumsinsel Hombroich, Aktiva Neuer Musik Berlin).

In 2001 the well-received CD "NEUE FLÖTENTÖNE" has been released (zoo Edition NRW Records, Reports and portraits features followed by nearly all German broadcasting corporations (e.g. HR, SR, NDR, WDR, Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio, SFB) and many foreign stations (e.g. Art radio New York). Furthermore there have been broadcasting productions and life recordings with Radio Bremen and DeutschlandRadio.

Beside the concert schedule the duo offers workshops and guest lectures (e.g. Internationale Musikprojekte Bremen, Fachtagung Neue Floetentoene at the University of Dortmund, workshop at the flute festival Frankfurt, guest lectures at the University of Bucharest).

The duo have so far been supported by the Mariann Steegmann Foundation/Liechtenstein, the Goethe-Institut, the DAAD and the Deutscher Musikrat (German music council).

The duo celebrated its tenth its anniversary in 2006. This occasion inspired composers from Germany, Hungary, Uruguay, France and Switzerland to write new works for the ensemble. World premieres in Bremen (New Meseum in Weserburg) and at the Missile Station/Museum Island in Hombroich (Thomas Bruttger, Joachim Heintz, Pèter Köszeghy, Graciela Paraskevaídis, Iris ter Schiphorst, Annette Schlünz , Urs Peter Schneider).