The Duo

Dörte Nienstedt Anne Horstmann

The ensemble founded by Dörte Nienstedt and Anne Horstmann in 1996 brought together instruments that in the 20th century had been regarded quite simply as “incompatible”: NEUE FLÖTENTÖNE – contemporary music for recorders and flutes.
Since then, their close working relationship with composers has yielded a rich repertoire reflecting the full spectrum of contemporary musical trends. Many of the works have been published, featured in broadcasts, or recorded on CD.
The wide range of instruments provides the two musicians with a combined tonal range of six and a half octaves.
Concert performances feature some 20 different flutes and recorders, from the tiny piccolo to the huge contrabass recorder, complemented by such exotic instruments as the dizi from China and the nai from Romania.
NEUE FLÖTENTÖNE has performed in France, Ireland, Ukraine, Romania, and the Netherlands. In Germany, the duo has performed at various festivals devoted to contemporary music or flute repertoire and been featured in radio productions and live concert broadcasts for Radio Bremen, MDR, and Deutschland Radio, and on television in ARD’s Mittagsmagazin.
The CD NEUE FLÖTENTÖNE was released in 2001 on NRW Records. The duo has been featured in radio broadcasts in both Germany (HR, SR, NDR, WDR, Deutschlandfunk, Deutschland Radio, SFB) and abroad (Art Radio New York).
The tenth anniversary of the ensemble in 2006 prompted the composition of eight new works, which were recorded on the CD NEUE FLÖTENTÖNE live on NRW Records. Anniversary celebrations included world premieres of new works, reports in the press and on the radio, and guest lectures and workshops at various institutions.
In addition to its concertizing, the NEUE FLÖTENTÖNE duo offers master classes, workshops, and guest lectures.
The duo has received grants from the Mariann Steegmann Foundation in Liechtenstein, the Goethe-Institut, DAAD, and the Deutscher Musikrat.